Cotton or Microfiber? Midi, Maxi or Tai? are some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing your underwear. When we talk about Sloggi, Triumph or Ysabel Mora briefs, we are talking about the best on the market. But which of the models will be right for you?

The Different Models:

Midi: Support and hide extra fat

The Midi Briefs model is an essential companion for women with a mid-size belly who want comfort and style. Designed to gently hug the shape of the body, the Midi offers gentle and effective support, helping to hide any extra fat in a discreet and comfortable way . Mid-waist height provides reliable coverage, keeping everything in place in all-day comfort. The perfect underwear model for those looking for underwear that combines functionality and body confidence.

Tai: The everyday underpants

The Tai model is a classic and highly popular choice, especially suitable for women looking for everyday briefs. The fact that they are versatile briefs contributes to their popularity in the market. With a mid-waist height, the Tai briefs offer optimal coverage and a touch of style. Click on the link to discover the different colors and types of this underwear.

Maxi: Comfort at the highest level

The Maxi model briefs are the ultimate choice for women looking to model their most stubborn fat. This design is especially suited for those who want to confidently hide more challenging areas while providing a sense of security and comfort. With a waist height that offers generous coverage, the Maxi Briefs help gently shape the body, and achieve a smoother silhouette. This model is definitely recommended for women who have trouble finding comfortable underpants for everyday wear.

Cotton: The Naturally Classic

Cotton underwear is a timeless classic, prized for its breathability and natural feel. It is an ideal choice for those with sensitive skin, as cotton is hypoallergenic and less likely to cause irritation. Also, this one is highly absorbent, keeping your skin dry throughout the day. For those looking for unmatched comfort, especially in warmer climates, cotton is the best option. Its soft and breathable texture allows the skin to breathe, preventing moisture build-up and discomfort. Cotton garments are ideal for everyday use, especially if you prefer a more natural feel against your skin. It is the right choice for anyone who values ​​well-being and comfort first.

Microfiber: An excellent alternative

Microfiber underwear is an ideal choice for those who value comfort, durability and versatility. Made from fine synthetic fibers, this option is perfect for people who lead an active life and are constantly on the go. Microfiber is known for its ability to absorb moisture and dry quickly, keeping the skin dry and fresh even during intense physical activity. Plus, its silky smooth texture prevents chafing and irritation on the skin, making it great for everyday use.

Cotton or Microfiber?

The choice between Cotton or Microfiber comes down to each person's preference. We advise people to experiment which of the two provides them with greater well-being and to make continuous use of that same material. But the quality of the material has a big impact when we talk about comfort, allergic reactions and skin irritations , and that's why we decided to only work with internationally recognized brands in our store.


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