When it comes to combining comfort and elegance, Reducing Bras have stood out in the modern bra market. Specially designed for everyday support and control. In this post you will find out if this type of bra really suits you and the striking differences between two leading brands in the lingerie market: Triumph and Selene.

When to opt for reducing bras?

Women who have narrow backs and large chests often struggle to find bras that offer the necessary support without compromising comfort. This is where slimming bras come into play. Specifically designed to enhance the silhouette by slightly decreasing the bust and providing adequate support, these bras become a smart choice for everyday wear and special occasions.

Our favorite bras:

Triumph Infinite Sensation W 01

One of the biggest concerns for women with large breasts is adequate breast support. The Triumph Infinite W 01 exceeds expectations by offering effective support that gently but firmly hugs the chest. With wide, adjustable straps, underwires and a carefully constructed structure, this bra lets you go about your everyday life with confidence while ensuring the support your chest needs. The reducing effect is made by technology designed by Triumph where luxury and quality are present.

Bra Triumph Amourette Charm Conscious N 03

The spectacular Bra Triumph Charm Conscious N 03: a revolution in comfort and style for women with generous curves. Its modern aesthetic is complemented by lace details and a touch of elegance. Invisible under clothes, it is the ideal choice for everyday use. Despite being a non-wired bra, it contours the breast and applies the slimming effect effectively. Undoubtedly a bra that adapts to the body.

Selene Frida bra C cup

With delicately incorporated underwires, Selene's Frida bra is a great solution for those looking for something more affordable. Hugs the chest perfectly, providing all-day comfort. The laser cut on the back not only adds a touch of elegance, but also helps slim and shape your silhouette, improving your posture. Despite being a more affordable option, the reducing effect will never disappoint.

Selene Betty Copa C bra

the Selene Betty bra, a charming alternative to the Frida model. Just like the Frida, the Betty Bra is the perfect choice for a heavy chest. The difference is in the absence of rims, providing a more natural and lightweight feel. With the same laser cut back for styling, the Betty offers everyday comfort and ensures the slimming effect. With ample coverage and an impeccable fit, this bra is ideal for anyone who wants a lot at an affordable price.


Triumph: Advanced Technology with a Touch of Luxury

The Triumph brand has set a standard of excellence in the lingerie industry. Triumph slimming bras, although they may be more expensive, offer advanced technology that guarantees maximum comfort and durability. With high quality materials and innovative design, these bras are the perfect choice for anyone looking for the best product available on the market at a fair price.

Selene: Affordable Quality and Durable Comfort

On the other hand, the Selene brand has earned a solid reputation for offering high-quality slimming bras at more affordable prices. While they may be more affordable than Triumph's, Selene bras don't compromise on quality or comfort. With a variety of stylish options, this brand offers an excellent alternative for those who want to invest in a good bra.


When it comes to slimming bras, women with narrow backs and large chests are spoiled for choice with support, comfort and style. While Triumph offers advanced technology for a luxurious experience, Selene excels in providing affordable and lasting quality . Regardless of the choice, the important thing is to find the perfect reducing bra that boosts confidence and enhances natural beauty, making every day more comfortable.
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